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Information regarding cookies – what it is, how we work with the cookies and how to change your cookies settings


What is a “cookie”

A cookie is a short text file which is sent to a browser by visited websites.  The cookies enable the website to remember user´s data as for instance a preferred language or other settings.  Thus, the next website visit can be smoother and more productive. The cookie files are important; without these files, web browsing would be far more complicated.

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Why we use cookies

Most websites, including the website of our company, use so-called cookies. Their point is to make the use of our web pages easier and more pleasant. When visiting our website, you are consenting to the use of this technology in terms of options and settings which are provided to you and which we inform you about. Besides, you can still change your decision concerning cookies collection in the settings of cookies files of individual advertising or analytical systems; or you can reject all the cookies via relevant settings of your browser.  

Cookies categories


System cookies

System, or so-called essential cookies are necessary for providing basic functionalities on our website. Without this type of cookies, the website cannot function properly.  


Statistics cookies

These cookies analyze anonymous information concerning websites´ traffic and performance. Such cookie files enable us to distinguish and count the number of visitors as well as data transfer sources so we can measure and improve our website performance.  These cookies help us understand if you have ever encountered problems or received error notifications from certain pages, which enables us to identify which pages are the most and least popular ones. In addition, we can discern how visitors browse the websites which helps us to adapt and improve our website to make them more useful; more intuitively navigable in order to achieve overall more positive experience while browsing our web pages. All thus analyzed information is anonymous.


Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used to customize information concerning our products and services to meet your interests and and your demand in terms of the type of information you are looking for. Thanks to these cookie files, we can display relevant ads and select relevant information in respect to products and services. We use the services provided by Google on our website: traffic measurements, advertising and social services. For further information on how Google uses the data see:


Blocking cookies storing

If you do not consent to this way of using the cookies files, we recommend you to adjust the privacy protection settings in your Internet browser accordingly or not to visit our website, although we would naturally feel sorry about that. However, blocking cookies may lead to limited functioning of our website and thus all our communication directed at you might turn out to be less relevant than before.


How to change your cookies settings?

You can change your cookies settings directly in your browser and thus delete or block the automatic acceptation of the cookies, should you wish doing so. You can administer the list of the cookies used by directly on our website in Cookiebot settings.